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In 2017, Drs. Balázs and Niederberger decided to join together to form a new regulatory affairs consultancy to serve the feed and food industry. Leveret GmbH was founded in April 2018 in the canton of Zug, Switzerland. To provide our clients with the highest quality of service we work together with a network of other experts in the fields of toxicology, exposure assessment, strategic planning and veterinary medicine.

Dr. Katherine Emma Niederberger

Dr. Katherine Emma Niederberger

Dr. Katherine Emma Niederberger is a graduate of the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETHZ), where she obtained a PhD in natural sciences. She also obtained a Master’s Degree in biology from the University of Cincinnati. She has more than 10 years experience in feed and food regulatory affairs.

In the area of feed, she has worked on numerous EU feed additive applications, prepared US GRAS feed ingredient dossiers and assisted companies in developing a regulatory strategy compatible with their risk attitude for products at the borderline between feed additive and feed material.

In the area of food, she has performed dietary exposure analyses for food additives and other food ingredients, drafted US GRAS food dossiers, prepared applications for new nutrients for specific population groups, and advised on labeling and ingredient requirements for food supplements in the EU and in Switzerland.

Dr. Zoltán Balázs

Dr. Zoltán Balázs studied food science in Budapest majoring food biotechnology and fermentation technology and subsequently obtained a PhD degree in chemistry from the University of Graz in 2003. In his thesis, he studied the molecular mechanisms of vitamin E and lipoprotein transport through the blood brain barrier.

After nearly four years as a biomedical research postdoctoral fellow in Berne he worked as an assistant lecturer and senior research scientist at the freshly established research group of Molecular and Systemic Toxicology in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Basel. He gained hands-on experience in design and performance of in vitro and in vivo metabolic and toxicity studies and he is co-author of numerous publications.

For the past decade he has been working in the field of food and feed regulatory affairs. He has thorough experience in study planning and monitoring, preparation of dossiers for food and feed additives, enzymes and flavourings, as well as health claims.

Dr. Zoltán Balázs

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